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Integrating light, sound, video, digital sequence and virtual reality into a technological dream At the same time, we are good at using high-tech means, Create dreamy scenes, create interaction, and make the audience a part of art. Walls and floors With the carrier of art, the flowing pictures and sounds fill the whole exhibition hall, and the audience can feel this freely Beyond the boundary of art, across time and space, pay homage to classics. Perfect combination of technology and art People can be totally immersed in it.

In the space of digital art, there are many seasons at the same time, feeling the alternation of seasons and the blooming and fading of flowers, You can feel the stream flowing slowly, the waterfall pouring down, and you can immerse yourself in the fireflies all over the mountains Dancing with the dancing butterfly

The work is not a projection of pre-made images, but a real-time rendering through a computer program Yes. On the whole, the image of the work is not a copy of the previous state, but by the behavior of the viewer Influence, continuous change. In front of this moment's picture, missed can't see again.

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