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In the small town of Uyuni in Bolivia, the South American country, there is the largest natural mirror in the world. The blue sky and white clouds are completely reflected on the earth. The reflection is symmetrical up and down, such as a well-designed oil painting, without any flaws. When people enter this picture, they can present perfect reflection without modifying the picture. They are also like princes or fairies without beautiful cameras, just like fairy tales. People call it "the mirror of the sky"

With the popularity of "sky mirror" all over the world, many tourists go to the first "sky mirror" in Bolivia and the second "sky mirror" in Bali Next, Wugong Mountain "mirror of the sky"!

Enjoy the healing of Miyazaki, where the terrain is flat and the vision is vast, and you can see large blue sky.

The scenery missed due to time and distance can feel the dreamland and take photos creatively without having to work hard and travel in the world.

Let me meet you in the most beautiful sky... Bright and clear shooting effect, give your sweet love to a romantic wedding journey shoot

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