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The main business of Zhongmin scientific innovation include: modular container buildings, including hotels, commercial streets, offices, maker space and other new concept modular container buildings; around the development of cultural and tourism science and technology for scenic spots, the launch of "sky mirror" photography experience device, "VR experience hall" and digital art Experience Hall; patented products for 5A scenic spot also have low-temperature thermal decomposition Garbage disposal and modular mini fire station.

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    Mirror of the sky
    It can be widely used in cultural and tourism projects across the country. It can be used to create online red card punching points, and shoot the beautiful scene of the unity of man and nature, and ignite the flow of people in the scenic area.
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    Digital Art Museum
    It can increase the economy of night tour for scenic spots, carry out the board of night tour and solve the problem that the weather can't play.
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    Low temperature decomposition equipment
    On the premise of ensuring complete environmental protection, the efficient treatment of waste and the discharge of organic matter can be reused, which provides great convenience for scenic spots, airports, hospitals and other places, and greatly saves th
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    The product investment cost is low, the rate of return is very high, and the high quality investment with high ratio of investment and return income can be realized
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